Heart Place Hospital Services

Heart Place Hospital is a community of innovative and integrated service providers that work in partnership agreement to create a safe space and multifaceted solutions for people working on the front line, such as nurses, midwives, doctors, emergency services, and teachers, through funding.

Interconnected Healing Services

Our approach to whole health healing recognises that the mind, body, and soul are interconnected and that healing one area positively impacts all the others.

MIND. Providing cognitive support to reduce anxiety, and bring clarity, equip individuals with mental fitness to meet the demands of their role.

BODY. By providing physical healing techniques to release trauma and disease, we ensure our front liners can tap back into their life force energy and get back to supporting our vulnerable citizens.

SOUL. By providing energetic support, we can cement the work done on the physical and mental levels to ensure that solutions are effective and long-lasting.

Why Choose
Heart Place Hospital

Bespoke treatments
Everyone heals differently. At Heart Place Hospital, we are committed to supporting each visitor to reach the best version of themselves. We offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to everyone's unique needs. We know that you have your own personal magic and power, and we want to ignite your awareness of it so that you can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Carers committed to healing
Our Carers are individuals who have committed to their own healing and growth. They are experts at advocating for themselves and others. Their personal growth and healing translate into high-quality healthcare services prioritising helping others to feel healed, heart-full, and empowered.

Cutting-edge modalities
Through cutting-edge modalities and a team of experienced health and education professionals, we work with the power you’ve had within you all along. Heart Place Hospital's commitment to research and development ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, offering individuals the latest and most effective treatments.

Whole Health Healing

If you're looking to experience true whole health healing, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we will tap into your body's innate wisdom and work towards unlocking its full potential for optimal health and well-being.


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