Heart Place Hospital Services:
Innovating Care for Our Frontliners 

Heart Place Hospital is a dynamic community of innovative, integrated service providers committed to creating a safe, supportive space for our frontline heroes. Through strategic partnerships and funding, we deliver multifaceted solutions tailored to the unique needs of nurses, midwives, doctors, emergency services, and teachers. Our mission is to empower those who dedicate their lives to caring for others, ensuring they receive the comprehensive support they need to thrive. Join us in revolutionising care for our frontliners! 

Interconnected Healing Services

At Heart Place Hospital, our integrative approach to whole health healing recognises the profound interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul. Healing one area positively impacts all others, creating a ripple effect of well-being and vitality. 

MIND: We provide cognitive support to reduce anxiety, enhance clarity, and equip individuals with the mental fitness to meet the demands of their roles. 

BODY: Through physical healing techniques, we release trauma and disease, empowering our frontline heroes to tap back into their life force energy and continue supporting our vulnerable citizens. 

SOUL. By offering energetic support, we solidify the work done on physical and mental levels, ensuring that solutions are effective and long-lasting. 

The Concept of Te Wheke:
Holistic Family Health 

Our approach is inspired by Te Wheke, the octopus, which symbolises family health in Māori tradition. The head of the octopus represents te whānau (the family), the eyes symbolise waiora (total well-being for the individual and family), and each of the eight tentacles represents a specific dimension of health. These dimensions are interwoven, illustrating the close relationship between them. 

  • Te whānau: The family 

  • Waiora: Total well-being for the individual and family 

  • Wairuatanga: Spirituality 

  • Hinengaro: The mind 

  • Taha tinana: Physical well-being 

  • Whanaungatanga: Extended family 

  • Mauri: Life force in people and objects 

  • Mana ake: Unique identity of individuals and family 

  • Hā a koro ma, a kui ma: Breath of life from forbearers 

  • Whatumanawa: The open and healthy expression of emotion 

By integrating these dimensions into our services, we honour the innate nature of health and well-being, ensuring comprehensive and deeply rooted healing for our community. Join us in this journey of interconnected healing and vibrant health! 

Why Choose
Heart Place Hospital

Bespoke treatments
At Heart Place Hospital, we believe that everyone heals differently. That's why we're committed to supporting each visitor in becoming the best version of themselves. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to your unique needs, igniting your personal magic and power to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Carers committed to healing
Our Carers are individuals who have dedicated themselves to their own healing and growth. They are experts in advocating for themselves and others, and their personal journeys translate into high-quality healthcare services. They prioritise helping others feel healed, heart-full, and empowered. 

Cutting-edge modalities
Harnessing cutting-edge modalities and the expertise of experienced health and education professionals, we help you unlock the power within you. Heart Place Hospital's commitment to research and development ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, offering the latest and most effective treatments. 

Join us at Heart Place Hospital, where personalised care, dedicated carers, and innovative treatments come together to create a transformative healing experience! 

Comprehensive Support at Heart Place Hospital 

Integrative Healthcare Support: At Heart Place Hospital, we tailor personalised care plans integrating traditional medical treatments with cutting edge modalities therapies. This integrative approach ensures comprehensive support for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our visitors, who often transition into service providers. 

Therapeutic Workshops: Our workshops provide vital space for healthcare and education providers to rejuvenate and heal. Led by expert service providers, these sessions focus on stress management, trauma recovery, and emotional resilience, fostering a nurturing environment for personal growth and professional development. 

Specialised Support Services: We offer individual and group support to help frontline workers process experiences and manage role pressures. These services promote emotional well-being, enhance coping strategies, and cultivate a strong sense of community among participants. 

Professional Development and Training: Our training support empower healthcare and education providers with skills in mindfulness, empathetic communication, and self-care techniques. Equipped with these tools, participants integrate integrative practices into their professional lives, enriching their caregiving roles. 

Accommodation and Community Formation: Heart Place Hospital accommodates visitors who often transition into service providers. This transition fosters ongoing support, collaboration opportunities, and a sense of community among all members. Our inclusive approach ensures that everyone benefits from shared experiences and collective growth. 

Community Engagement and Advocacy: We actively engage the community through forums, feedback sessions, and collaborative initiatives to ensure our support meet evolving needs. By advocating for systemic change, we aim to create a compassionate healthcare environment that supports long-term wellness. 

Through these integrated services, Heart Place Hospital is committed to empowering frontline professionals, promoting innovative healthcare practices, and catalyzing positive change within our community and beyond. Join us in transforming healthcare through compassionate care and collaborative healing. 


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