Empowering Caregivers & Transforming Lives 

Heart Place Hospital offers the kind of care that has been missing. The care that keeps our dedicated professionals in their roles rather than burning out or seeking opportunities overseas. We provide the vital advice, support, and tools that our frontline heroes and vulnerable citizens need to advocate for themselves, stay rejuvenated, and continue doing what they love. 

Healthcare and education professionals on the front line need our support to keep New Zealand thriving. 

At Heart Place Hospital, we fund our services for caregivers through the generosity of people like you. We receive no government funding, so every donation makes a profound difference. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of those who care for us all. 

Our Impact

" A place that reaches into your heart and gives you permission to listen to your own beat."  Paula, Midwife

This experience cannot be explained in words, it’s the warmest and most loving environment to walk into. Being seen and validated has been heart-warming. I am leaving with clarity and confirmation of my life’s purpose." Dee, Doctor

"Jacqui and HPH's work and vision feels like the future to me, what we receive when our work is valued as it should." Michelle, Healer

"As a teacher I am grateful to have this bodywork and support funded."  Gill, Teacher

“It was a profound relief to find Heart Place Hospital and I am walking away in a much better place in myself.” Natasha, Nurse 

“I was stunned by the quality of gifted practitioners that Heart Place Hospital has given me access to. These are high quality practitioners and insightful, caring people, who have profoundly helped me at a time when i was in desperate need. I was truly in a space when I not coping in my work or life. I was in a state of desperation that I have absolutely nothing left in my tank, could not carry on. I have been a teacher for 16 years and was feeling that I have absolutely nothing left to give. In a short period of time they have helped lift me over a threshold in myself, helped me process some quite significant trauma, and able to get through the term. I am going away feeling more grounded and able to cope. This is a very special and needed place and I am profoundly lucky to have discovered them” Mark, Doctor 

“I love the ethos that HPH stands for and I'm very excited about the way this new earth hospital is fully supportive of really creating change in each person that comes through the door. My experience of being seeing, held, heard and nourished has been exceptional. Thank you, Jacqui, your service providers are exquisitely hand-picked and have offered their services with huge heart today.” Patrice, Teacher 

“Thank you so much for this experience and making me feel there is a way out of this.” Sue, Teacher 

"Thank you. Please keep in touch with me with anything going on at Heart Place Hospital. Much respect! Xxx.“ Marg, Death Doula 

“Beautiful Workshop Jacqui… Very freeing profound, no longer carrying the grief & the shame of some of my lineage …. 
In place of that there is now nothing but Pure Love and Compassion.”
Wendy, Healer 

"It was a fabulous workshop and incredible hosting by HPH and the O’Connor’s once again. It just keeps getting bigger and better: the compassion and manaakitanga is exponentially expanding.” Kat, Healer 

Our Impact

“I went to a workshop at Heart Place hospital and felt the warm community welcome. For me it was a safe supportive space to heal and reclaim myself. Jacqui is magical and a down to earth visionary making waves for our better future. What an incredible Charity Heart Place hospital is.” Lauren, Healer

“Attended a Family Constellations Workshop at HPH! Magical experience! From the very warm welcome by Jacqui into HPH to the incredible facilitation by Tracy and the open hearted participants. HPH creates a safe and nurturing space to attend wholly and as you are x Thank you!” Vic, Midwife 

“This was a truly wonderful day. So much magic and connection with a beautiful and diverse group of women, all of whom had manifold gifts to share. All in all it was a transformative day in a magical little haven. Thank you so much Jacqui for your kindness and to Tracy for holding the space so well.” Alida, Birth Doula 

“I have been to HPH a couple of times, it’s a beautiful space with stunning views, great people and I always feel welcome. Looking forward to heading back there soon. Thank you Jacqui for creating this beautiful safe hub for regeneration and healing.” Tracey, Medicine Women 

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If you're looking to experience true healing and living in your highest expression, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we will tap into your body's innate wisdom and work towards unlocking its full potential for optimal health and living life on purpose.


Carers fund our services, and we receive no government funding. Your business sponsorship will help us continue our work and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Join Heart Place Hospital's network of like-minded providers and make a difference in the lives of essential workers on the frontlines of healthcare and education.


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