Tee off for charity

Weekend Lifestyler 
January 2024

“The day will help us raise funds for the wellbeing and advancement of both our healthcare professionals and educators,” says founder Jacqui O’Connor. Read More

A place of heart

Weekend Lifestyler 
January 2024

Nurse Jacqui O’Connor shared with us her journey to creating Heart Place Hospital in Mangawhai as a way to provide people on the front line, such as healthcare workers and teachers, a place to find help for their personal health needs. Read More


Ruby Room 
January 2024

This week we have Jacqui O'Connor, CEO of Heart Place Hospital join us in TBIYTC. Sharing her experiences within her career as a nurse, Jacqui discusses the lack of support for carers and what she hopes to achieve in providing a safe space within the Heart Place Hospital. Read More

Turns Out She's a Witch
Healing the Healers at Heart Place Hospital, with Jacqui O'Connor

By Shannon & Laura
October 2023

Shannon Cotterill is a witch, she is also an artist and an award winning fine art photographer -these are but a few of her talents, skills and interests. Shannon joins magic-seeker, Laura, co-host of the popular spiritual podcast, Turns out she's Psychic (she's not the psychic one-yet!). Join us for a chats and interviews about elements of what being a Witch means these days- living synchronously with nature's cycles, rituals, and the 'Divine tool of the week'!See lessListen on SpotifySend voice message

Reality Check Radio

With Natalie Cutler-Welsh
September 2023

JACQUI O’CONNOR: Nurse And Founder Of Heart Place Hospital: On Her Multidimensional Health And Education Movement And Giving Respite Care To Frontline Carers

In this interview, Natalie talks to Jacqui O'Connor, a pioneering philanthropist and visionary system disrupter leading a multidimensional healing health and education movement. 

Listen Here

Helping the critical gap

Ann van Engelen, The Weekend Lifestyler
September 2023

Since founding Heart Place Hospital in 2017, Jacqui O'Connor has seen her vision to have accessible care for exhausted front line workers such as teachers, medical professionals and first responders come to fruition.

Read Article Here

Healing healers holistically

Amy Fifita, The Weekend Lifestyler
August 2022

Health visionary Jacqui O'Connor moved to Mangawhai from Auckland approximately five months ago on a mission to offer natural healing to people with Heart Place Charity Hospital.

"| began healing myself and also answered my soul's call - to care for the carers"

Read Article Here

Caring for our carers with Jacqui O’Connor

Vet Thrive Collective Podcast, Dr Megan
July 2023

In this episode of Vet Thrive Collective Podcast, Dr Megan interviews Jacqui O'Connor. A pioneering philanthropist and visionary system disrupter. Jacqui founded Heart Place Hospital, a charity which provides holistic healthcare for frontline healthcare and educational workers.

In this episode you will learn about:

Jacqui’s journey into holistic healthcare - How a health journey as a child led Jacqui to a career in healthcare. How the struggle to balance the many responsibilities of motherhood and work led her to being hit by a figurative Mac truck, prompting a deep dive into spirituality and holistic well-being practices. Listen Here

A place of heart

Ann van Engelen, The Weekend Lifestyler
June 2023

Mangawhai Heart Place Hospital founder Jacqui O'Connor was a New Zealand registered nurse for 28 years before changing direction and adapting her career to help the helpers along with others.

"Everyone's living in abundance and receive what they deserve, are valued, respected and heard "

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Pledging to the cause

Amy Fifita, The Weekend Lifestyler
March 2023

After reading the Woodhull Study on Nursing and the Media, Heart Place Hospital founder Jacqui O'Connor saw the need to advocate and raise funds to give frontline workers their voice.

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Heart-full help for carers

Junction Magazine
February 2023

Influenced by her childhood health experiences, Jacqui O'Connor graduated as a New Zealand Registered Nurse in 1993.

What she noticed right from university was the importance of people in her line of work caring for themselves in such a high-demand role.

'We never learned how to put boundaries in place so that we weren't taken advantage of," says Jacqui. "Our carers, such as nurses, doctors, emergency services personnel, teachers, and parents, give so much. Often so much that they have nothing left for themselves, leading them to suffer burn-out or what conventional medicine calls 'mental illness'. Heart Place Hospital believes in mental fitness. We provide a safe space, tools, information, and support for our carers Read Article Here

A unique local hospital aims to care for the carer

Julia Wade, Mangawhai Focus
January 2023

Burdened carers stretched to their limits and running on empty can now find some well-earned TLC in a place tucked away in a peaceful corner of Mangawhai, a new home of healing built on the vision of one woman’s heart and soul.

Located in Mangawhai Heads, Heart Place Hospital is the brainchild of local Jacqui O’Connor, a qualified and experienced nurse who knows first-hand the pain of burnout. After six years of research, she felt compelled to create the charity hospital as a stopping point where other carers, from medical professions to educators, can turn to when overwhelmed with stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

“Heart Place Hospital is my vision of a healing space which will bring people together, that will honour our intuition and emotions and change the perception of what a hospital is, from being a place that you go to when you’re broken,” Jacqui says. 
Read Article Here

The C Word Radio

December 2022

Was cancer your mac truck moment? I have met so many people (especially women) who were in burnout when they were diagnosed with cancer. I was two months out of a job that had caused yet another burn out when I was diagnosed.Stress is insidious - even after two years of the pandemic we value being busy and hustle culture (although I see this shifting).I met Jacqui O'Connor, founder of Heart Place Hospital, earlier this year. She introduced me to the concept of assembling a healing roundtable. Her work is influenced by 27 years as a frontline nurse and her own mac truck moment.Check out the latest episode of the C Word Radio to learn more about how Jacqui uses her intuition to heal and help others heal.

Letter’s to a Future Nurse: 

Leah Parker, Real Life Struggles, Heartwarming Stories and Practical Tips. Paperback – 4 December 2022
December 2022

Letters to a Future Nurse is a compilation of letters from 22 nurses representing the United States, Philippines, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. They write to encourage and support future nurses who may be feeling uncertain about their decision to enter this profession.

Contribution by Jacqui O'Connor

High Performance Nursing Podcast October 2022

High Performance Nursing with Liam Caswell
October 2022

Do you believe we should first heal our healers before they do any healing? That’s definitely what HeartPlace Hospital founder Nurse Jacqui O’Connor believes! She’s leading a movement of hospicing and feminizing our health and education system.

There is a need for us to start caring for our carers. Nurse Jacqui is taking the massive opportunity to heal frontliners and work on providing them regular energy support. Her work continually challenges the norms and takes giant steps to improve how we do things as nurses.

In this episode, we learn more about Nurse Jacqui’s journey and her ideas on having safe havens, giving future carers space to be creative, and ultimately reclaiming our wisdom so we can advocate for a life that best suits us.

If you have witnessed the rampant victim mentality within the nursing industry and are searching for a hopeful safe haven led by someone with the right experience, then this episode is perfect for you!

Burnout to Recovery Experience: From Nurse to Health Visionary

Burnout: A Different Kind of GAP Year Podcast with Shannon Swales
October 2022

Episode 15 of Burnout: A Different Kind of GAP Year Podcast brings you Heart Place Hospital creator and champion Jacqui O'Connor's (aka "love rock star" and "hope merchant") burnout to recovery experience.

Jacqui takes us on a journey from a busy nurse, nurse manager, mum and wife who believed she was hitting all the culturally appropriate success markers to the 'mack truck' moment (aka burnout) that set her life in a new direction. As she describes it, she went from an "unhealed healer" to a "healed healer".

One thing you are bound to love about Jacqui's burnout to recovery story is how she tells it. She has a way with words that allows for a deeper understanding of what life was like for her in the thick of her burnout and how her life is now...magical.


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