Turns Out She's Psychic

Podcast with Laura Turner & Tracey Dimech
November 2022

You read that right, the person, and this place really do exist. Laura and Tracey settle down for a chat with Jacqui O’Connor, Founder of Heart Place Hospital, a New Zealand based charity, built with the purpose to ‘.....reclaim love as a healing practice, bring spirituality back to medicine, encourage people/healer collaboration, empower patients to heal themselves, and change how we deliver and receive health care.’

From health concerns, to healthcare worker, burnouts and 'Mac-truck' moments, we talk about the lessons, and experiences that Jacqui’s life has been teaching her, and how now she is on her quest to follow the breadcrumbs in a big way to make her move, and her mark in order to safe-guard the future and potential of our carers.


MONTH 2023


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