Energise with EFT Workshop

Dates: 17th July 2024 12-1pm NZT Location: Online and recorded

Join us for an electrifying online workshop with Tanja Blinkhorn, Coach and EFT Practitioner, and Jenny Malcolm, Clarity Coach & EFT Practitioner, before they present at the 3rd Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Conference in Adelaide and the annual NZ Psychology Society Conference in Christchurch.

Unlock the Power of EFT: The Evidence-Based, Stress Reduction Technique at Your FingertipsPurpose: Experience the transformative power of EFT and understand its relevance for anyone suffering from stress-related physical, mental, or emotional issues.

What We’ll Cover:

What is EFT: Discover the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques.The History: Learn about the origins and evolution of EFT.Summary of the Science: Explore the scientific evidence supporting EFT.Tapping Demonstrations: Participate in two live tapping sessions.Case Studies: Hear real-life success stories.Relevance for You: Understand how EFT can benefit your life.Q & A: Get your questions answered.

Why Attend?

Energise with EFT workshop will give you the opportunity to gain practical tools to manage stress.Learn from experts before they share their knowledge on prestigious platforms.Experience a supportive and interactive environment.

Don't miss this chance to empower yourself and others with a simple yet powerful technique. 

Register now and take the first step towards a stress-free life!

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Tanja Blinkhorn: Visit Tanja's Website https://www.tanjablinkhorn.co.nz/Jenny Malcolm: Visit Jenny's Website https://www.jennymalcolm.co.nz

17th July 2024 12-1pm NZT online and recorded

$11 or flexi ticket to support NZ registered charity Heart Place Hospital

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