Ecstatic Dance - 5th July 2024

Join us for an authentic Ecstatic Dance
Let us take you on an aural journey and use dance as a healing medicine.

Featuring DJ SeanO
$25+booking fee ($30 cash on the door)

Date: Friday 5th July 2024, 7pm - 9pm
Mangawhai Historic Village Church,
191 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai Heads, Mangawhai

All proceeds go towards funding Heart Place Hospital's development

The dance floor is our medicine to heal and recharge, we include our whole selves, even the parts that want to hide. 
Through music and dance, we work through the pain and sorrow, and bring then bring joy so our soul, mind and body heals.

What are the rules?
Be Present (No Phones Or Cameras)
Embodiment (No Talking Or Verbal Communication)
Clear Mind (No Intoxicants)
Be Consensual
Grounding (No Outside Shoes)
Be Free. Dance How You Want. No Judgement.

DJ SeanO

DJ SeanO has been playing with music since an early age, and recently discovered a passion for taking souls on a journey through ecstatic dance sets. This is an authentic ecstatic dance journey.

DJ SeanO plays an eclectic mix of soundscapes, world, organic, minimal techno, electronica and various other genres to move the soul. 

Listen to the latest ecstatic dance mix from DJ SeanO below on SoundCloud.


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